Blitzscaling is Dead

MultiplyGTM is ushering in a new era. An era of measured expansion.

The Problem.

Every sales and marketing leader has been there – staring at a daunting spreadsheet, trying to map out the path to hitting their revenue goals. Rows and columns filled with formulas, assumptions, and projections that quickly become unwieldy and disconnected from reality. It’s a nightmare that far too many organizations continue to endure, often leading to disastrous consequences.

The statistics paint a grim picture: 69% of sales reps fail to achieve their quotas, conversion rates are declining, sales cycles are lengthening, and funnels are narrowing. For large enterprises, this equates to wasted resources, missed opportunities, eroded market share, and ultimately, employee and customer churn. For startups and scaleups, it can mean outright failure and closing their doors for good.

At the root of this challenge is a fundamental flaw in the way organizations approach revenue planning. Goals are set without truly considering the activities and investments required by marketing and sales teams to win, retain, and expand customers. The traditional spreadsheet-based approach fails to account for the realities of how customers discover solutions and make purchasing decisions.

The Solution.

Enter MultiplyGTM, a revolutionary software platform designed to simplify and optimize your go-to-market planning process. By leveraging advanced algorithms and data-driven insights, MultiplyGTM eliminates the guesswork and manual calculations that plague spreadsheet-based planning. What sets MultiplyGTM apart is its ability to constantly react to changes and automatically re-plan as your year progresses, considering not only closed won deals but also the impact of existing in-play pipeline.

With MultiplyGTM, you start by inputting your revenue goal. The platform then calculates the required new sales, factoring in existing retention revenue and the impact of churn. It provides detailed insights into the performance targets you need to achieve, breaking down revenue targets across new sales, retention, and expansion.

But they goes beyond mere projections. The platform calculates the precise volume of leads required at every stage of the buyer journey, from initial marketing touchpoints to closed deals. It even accounts for the velocity at which these leads need to progress through the funnel, ensuring your activities are timed to perfection.

No more endless back-and-forth between sales and marketing teams, each operating with their own set of targets and metrics. MultiplyGTM aligns everyone around a common vocabulary and shared goals, fostering true collaboration and accountability.

Perhaps most importantly, MultiplyGTM empowers you to quickly adapt your plans as conditions change. With its powerful scenario builder, you can model the impact of pricing changes, shifts in churn rates, or adjustments to marketing investments, all in real-time. No more agonizing over formula tweaks or waiting days for updated spreadsheet versions. MultiplyGTM also introduces the MultiplyGTM Index, which determines not only the path to revenue growth but also the certainty of that path being successful, driving certainty into an organization’s ability to deliver revenue and revenue growth.

One of MultiplyGTM’s early customers, a $200 million ARR SaaS company, found itself facing urgent revenue shortfalls that threatened its year-end financial targets. Using MultiplyGTM, they were able to shift their focus to the mid-market segment, identify quick wins, and devise a plan to bridge the revenue gap – all within a 30-minute discussion that would have traditionally taken days or weeks.

Take Action.

In today’s ever-changing business landscape, agility and data-driven decision-making are paramount. MultiplyGTM empowers revenue leaders to break free from the shackles of spreadsheet planning and embrace a future where revenue goals are not just set, but achieved with atomic precision.

Say goodbye to the nightmare of spreadsheet planning and hello to a world where your go-to-market strategy is optimized, aligned, and constantly evolving to meet the demands of your market. With MultiplyGTM, you’ll never miss another revenue target.

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