Ditch ChatGPT

Embrace Claude and Perplexity AI: A Sales Pro’s Guide.


As a sales professional, you know the importance of having the right tools in your arsenal to stay ahead of the game. While ChatGPT has been a pioneer in the AI world, it’s time to explore more specialised options. Enter Claude and Perplexity AI – two powerful AI assistants that are redefining the way sales teams operate.

While Claude shines in content creation, Perplexity AI is your go-to solution for gathering valuable market insights and understanding your buyers’ needs.

Why Claude?

1. Conversational and Natural Tone

Claude’s responses are designed to mimic human-like conversation, making it an ideal choice for creating engaging and persuasive sales content. Whether you’re crafting email sequences, social media posts, or sales scripts, Claude’s natural language capabilities ensure your messaging resonates with your target audience.

2. Context-Aware

Unlike ChatGPT, which can sometimes provide generic or repetitive responses, Claude excels at understanding and adapting to the context of your prompts. This means you’ll receive more relevant and tailored content that aligns with your specific sales goals and target market.

3. Improved Coherence

Claude’s advanced language model ensures that the generated content maintains a consistent tone, flow, and logical progression throughout. This coherence is crucial for creating compelling sales narratives that captivate your prospects and drive them toward a purchase decision.

Why Perplexity?

1. Real-Time Data Scraping

Perplexity AI continuously scrapes data from various online sources, ensuring you have access to the latest market trends, customer sentiments, and competitive landscape. This up-to-date information is invaluable for shaping your sales strategies and staying ahead of the curve.

2. Buyer Intelligence

By analysing vast amounts of data, Perplexity AI can provide deep insights into your target buyers’ pain points, preferences, and buying behaviours. This knowledge empowers you to tailor your sales approach, messaging, and offering to resonate better with your prospects.

3. Competitive Analysis

Stay one step ahead of your competitors by leveraging Perplexity AI’s ability to gather and analyze data on their products, pricing, marketing strategies, and customer sentiments. This intelligence can inform your positioning, value proposition, and sales tactics, giving you a crucial edge in the market.


In today’s fast-paced and competitive sales landscape, having the right AI tools can make all the difference. By adopting Claude for content creation and Perplexity AI for market research and buyer intelligence, you’ll be equipped with powerful resources that can elevate your sales strategies, messaging, and overall effectiveness.

(Caveat – there may still be instances where ChatGPT can lend a helping hand. For example, when integrating with engagement or enrichment tools like Clay, ChatGPT can be a reliable assistant for tasks like data entry, formatting, basic information retrieval and personalisation).

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